A massage centre that deals in manicure and pedicure throughout Dubai has a lot to do in order to provide the best keratin treatments in Dubai. For the massage centre to taste success first and foremost a lot of emphasis needs to be placed on cleanliness. 

Promote a clean environment: No customer would want to visit a massage centre that does not practice cleanliness. It is imperative that the staff is trained in knowing what has to be done. There should not be a single ounce of dirt within the massage centre. The staff needs to be adequately dressed to minimize chances of transmission of bacteria while massaging the clients. It is truly important that even before beginning the massaging service, a staff member needs to wash his or hands thoroughly. Coming to towels, the towel needs to be sealed for the customer to know. No customer would want to use a towel that has stain marks or has bad odor. 

Benefits of having a trained staff: A massage centre needs to hire people with extreme care. There are multiple reasons for having a trained staff. One is that in order for a massage centre to avoid  facing a lawsuit, it needs to ensure the staff uses the correct techniques when it comes to massaging the customers. A staff member should get a good grip of the products to be used. A good massage centre would train its staff to show the contents of the product to a customer before the massage session begins. One needs to keep tabs on the amount of each product applied on a customer’s body while being massaged. The last thing a massage centre would want to know is that one of its staff member spilled a product on a client. 

Keratin briefly explained: This is a type of a protein that makes up an individual’s hair, skin and nails. The use of keratin has proved to make hair smoother and easier to manage. It makes an individual’s hair look glossy and full. Keeping in mind of its benefit, the staff should know the amount of keratin to be applied for a customer. Before applying keratin, it is the responsibility of a staff member to check on the sensitivity of the client’s hair, nail and skin.