The majority of the people live in apartments. There are many types of apartments. Some of them are:

  1. Studio Apartments: They are one-room apartments in which the bedroom, kitchen, and dining area are structured in one area yet the bathroom has a separate unit. However, some studio apartments have a separate area for sleeping. 
  2. Multi-bedroom apartments: As their name suggests, they have one to four bedrooms with separate units for kitchen, dining room and living room. Each bedroom has a separate bathroom. It is ideal for big families yet, the renters find it difficult to live because of having so many expenses to pay to the landlord that includes a security deposit, monthly rent and many others. 
  3. Duplex and Triplex Apartments: A duplex apartment has two floors while each triplex apartment has three floors. They are luxurious apartments to live in. Big families prefer to live there yet it is expensive to stay there because of rent and other expenses. 
  4. Live and Work Style Apartments: Many buildings provide space to offices, retail markets and provide space for storage on the first floor and spaces for living from second to last floor. Such apartments are called live and work style apartments because they are a mixture of commercial and residential areas. 
  5. Loft Apartments: Loft apartments are known for their high ceilings and open spaces. They are usually one or four-roomed open spaces that are built of two levels or stories with open floor plans into luxury suites or in commercial buildings.
  6. Garden apartments: They are on the ground floor or in the basement of the buildings that give access to residents to the outdoor spaces or lawns built in the building. However, it is better to observe the buildings and their location otherwise you might face pest or security issues. 
  7. Railroad Apartments: Railroad apartments have three to four rooms, connected to the hallway that form a long and narrow rectangle. They are found in old and small buildings.
  8. Mid-rise apartments: The apartments of five to story buildings are called mid-rise apartments. These buildings are found in urban settings. They are designed on modern and contemporary designs.  
  9. Low-rise apartments: Apartments of one to four-story long buildings are called low-rise apartments. They are cheaper to rent. 

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